Similarities and Differences Among Cedar Fever, Flu, and the Common Cold

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This time of year in Central Texas, countless people suffer from the symptoms of cedar fever, brought on by an allergic reaction to the pollen of cedar trees. Symptoms of cedar fever can range from minimal nose sniffling, to whole body fatigue. While many are battling an allergy attack this year, many people across the country have come down with the flu. So, how do you know the best way to treat your symptoms? Let’s look at some common differences between cedar fever, the flu, and a common cold. Many of the symptoms overlap between two or more of these

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Family Health 101: Asthma

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Over 25 million people in the U.S. have asthma. Asthma is a common lung condition with any age group. It causes breathing problems such as coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. When someone breathes from their nose or mouth, air travels from the trachea (windpipe) through the bronchial tubes and into the lungs and back out. If any of those airways become narrow, the lungs cannot get adequate oxygen. People with asthma are very sensitive to everyday conditions such as cigarette smoke, pollen, dust, weather and even exercise. These are called “triggers.” These triggers can cause an asthmatic’s airways to

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Surviving Spring Allergies

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The yellow dusting has returned to Central Texas. That means it’s springtime! It’s one of my favorite times of the year with wildflowers blooming everywhere. Families are parked on the side of the road to take advantage of the fields of blue bonnets. Our grass is returning from its winter hibernation. Everything becomes green and alive again. Springtime in Central Texas can be beautiful but it can also be unbearable. With the change of seasons, comes the change of allergies. Elm and Ash are blooming, oak is at its peak and people are starting to mow their lawns. There is

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Tis’ the season – it’s that time of year where the odds are against us. The trifecta of attacks on our nasal passages and immune system. Whether it’s pesky allergies, a nasty cold or not-so-fun influenza, chances are you will suffer from at least one of these during the holiday season. With symptoms that are often similar, some even the same, it’s hard to tell which one it is. Here is how you can tell the difference. PREVENTION You can’t always avoid getting sick but there are things you can do to reduce your risk. Avoid Allergies by taking an

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Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween is a night that is supposed to be full of fun. Unfortunately, for Emergency Rooms, Halloween brings in more pediatric patients than any other night of the year. Each year, we see an increase in minor to major trauma cases. Children are more at risk of injury, such as being hit by a vehicle, than any other night of the year, combined. Here are 30 Safety Tips to ensure safe trick-or-treating for you and your little goblins this Halloween. Costume Safety  Select costumes that are brighter in colors so that it’s easier to be seen in the dark. Choose

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How to Survive Fall Allergies

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Ah-choo! If you’re like me, you’re sneezing, wheezing and feel like a waterspout with a continuous runny nose. Your eyes are watery, yet dry and itchy. You feel like the coughing will never end. You’re one of the thousands of people suffering from fall allergies. They come at you like a bus. With our dramatic weather, you never know when the season will officially begin. As the nights become cooler and the days stay warm, many of us suffer. Ragweed, mold, elm and dust mites are running rapid, ragweed being the leader. Here are some ways to survive fall allergies.

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