Family Health 101: Asthma

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Over 25 million people in the U.S. have asthma. Asthma is a common lung condition with any age group. It causes breathing problems such as coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. When someone breathes from their nose or mouth, air travels from the trachea (windpipe) through the bronchial tubes and into the lungs and back out. If any of those airways become narrow, the lungs cannot get adequate oxygen. People with asthma are very sensitive to everyday conditions such as cigarette smoke, pollen, dust, weather and even exercise. These are called “triggers.” These triggers can cause an asthmatic’s airways to

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Family First Aid: Cuts & Scrapes

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A minor cut, scrape or superficial puncture wound does not usually require a visit to the emergency room. There are a number of things you can do: Wash Your Hands. Wash your hands with soap and warm water before providing first aid to any cut or wound. Wear latex gloves, if available. Most first aid kits contain at least a pair of gloves. This will help avoid infection. Stop the Bleeding. Minor cuts and scrapes tend to stop bleeding on their own. Bleeding helps clean out any dirt or debris. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, apply gentle pressure with a

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What to Expect – Taking Your Children to the Emergency Room

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Every parent has the fear of taking their child to the emergency room. It is never a planned outing and usually follows some sort of injury or illness. It can be a scary experience for both your child and you as a parent. Family Emergency Room knows that fear as well. Most of us are parents too! That is why we do everything we can to help make your unfortunate visit as comfortable and reassuring as possible. From our designated pediatric treatment rooms to our compassionate staff, your child’s health is in good hands. But don’t just take our word

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Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween is a night that is supposed to be full of fun. Unfortunately, for Emergency Rooms, Halloween brings in more pediatric patients than any other night of the year. Each year, we see an increase in minor to major trauma cases. Children are more at risk of injury, such as being hit by a vehicle, than any other night of the year, combined. Here are 30 Safety Tips to ensure safe trick-or-treating for you and your little goblins this Halloween. Costume Safety  Select costumes that are brighter in colors so that it’s easier to be seen in the dark. Choose

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Flu Shot Myths – Busted!

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Let’s play another game of Myth Busters! Flu season is fast approaching. We have already seen a few patients showing flu like symptoms. It is important to be proactive before the season really kicks into full force. It’s not too late to get your flu shot. But for those of you who question the reliability of the flu vaccine, here are a few of those pesky myths that people warn you about. Myth # 1 – The flu shot can give you the flu. This is the number one misconception that gives the flu vaccine a bad reputation. No matter

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What to expect: Concussion  

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We are in the midst of fall sports and just like every other year, we see an increase in concussion patients as a result of athletics. A sack that takes down the quarter back or blow to the head during volleyball, are all too common during this time of year. At Family Emergency Room, our doctors and nurses have extensive training when it comes to traumatic head injuries.  Whenever the head sustains an impact, it is always a good idea to seek immediate medical attention to rule out any serious injury. Basics Let us begin with the basics of what

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Let the Games Begin – Fall Sports Safety Tips

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It may still be crazy hot out there but fall is already in motion, for sports that is.  Football, soccer and volleyball are in full game mode. Your kids have passed their sports physicals and are clear to play; now it’s time to go over some safety rules. Here are our top ten. Before the first whistle… 1. Let the Coach know of any pre-existing medical conditions and what to do if it becomes an issue, such as asthma or allergies. Make sure the Coaches have your phone number on hand in case of any emergency. 2. Attend a Sports

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Back to School Safety Tips

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Parents, we made it! Our kids are going back to school. Although we will miss them, there’s a little side of all of us that is happy to get them back to the books and out of the house.  The majority of injuries or illnesses that kids come home with, happen at school. Here are some safety tips to help avoid injury and illness. Identity – Who they are and where they live. Your children should know their full name, age/birthday, home address and at least one parent’s cell phone number. If you work outside of the home make sure

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What to expect: Abdominal Pain

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Any condition that warrants a trip to the emergency room is scary. Especially when you’re not sure what’s going on with your body. All you know is that your stomach hurts. Abdominal pain is one of the top reasons people visit the ER. However, it is also one of the hardest conditions to diagnosis since there are so many different reasons that can cause stomach pain. Here is a quick run down of what to expect should you have to visit a Family Emergency Room due to abdominal pain. Arrival Upon arrival to any Family ER location, our friendly staff will ask you a couple

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Pokémon Go Safety Tips

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By now you have heard of the new Pokémon Go app that is dominating the country. You have probably also heard some of the many injuries that have been caused due to the negligence of “trainers.” People are getting injured in Pokémon mobs. Kids are walking into busy streets or trespassing. Even people who have no interest in the game are taking advantage of players who are not paying attention to their surroundings. The game is a great way to end summer boredom and get kids exercising. It’s a great family activity too. Nonetheless, there should be some ground rules

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