Exploring Austin in Celebration of National Park Week

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In central Texas, there is no shortage of beautiful scenery. There are dozens of landscapes to get lost in with your furry friend, your best friend, or your whole family! National Park Week is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the beautiful April weather and get out to explore some new trails. Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park 12138 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78753 Spanning nearly 300 acres, this public north Austin park is equipped with hiking trails, off-leash dog areas, a swimming pool, playgrounds, picnic areas with barbeque pits and baseball fields. With so many areas to explore and

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What to expect: Concussion  

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We are in the midst of fall sports and just like every other year, we see an increase in concussion patients as a result of athletics. A sack that takes down the quarter back or blow to the head during volleyball, are all too common during this time of year. At Family Emergency Room, our doctors and nurses have extensive training when it comes to traumatic head injuries.  Whenever the head sustains an impact, it is always a good idea to seek immediate medical attention to rule out any serious injury. Basics Let us begin with the basics of what

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Let the Games Begin – Fall Sports Safety Tips

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It may still be crazy hot out there but fall is already in motion, for sports that is.  Football, soccer and volleyball are in full game mode. Your kids have passed their sports physicals and are clear to play; now it’s time to go over some safety rules. Here are our top ten. Before the first whistle… 1. Let the Coach know of any pre-existing medical conditions and what to do if it becomes an issue, such as asthma or allergies. Make sure the Coaches have your phone number on hand in case of any emergency. 2. Attend a Sports

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Pokémon Go Safety Tips

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By now you have heard of the new Pokémon Go app that is dominating the country. You have probably also heard some of the many injuries that have been caused due to the negligence of “trainers.” People are getting injured in Pokémon mobs. Kids are walking into busy streets or trespassing. Even people who have no interest in the game are taking advantage of players who are not paying attention to their surroundings. The game is a great way to end summer boredom and get kids exercising. It’s a great family activity too. Nonetheless, there should be some ground rules

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Three Ways to Stay Fit During the Off-Season

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Written by: Dr. Vipul N. Patel, DO CP Family ER Physician / Emergency & Sports Medicine Now that the high school football season is over, you’re wondering what you should do to keep in shape until next year. If you are asking yourself this question you care about your health and your how you perform during the game. There are many things that need to be kept in mind when you approach your workouts in the off-season. Here are a few basic rules to keep healthy and fit for the new season. 1. Rest – Rest is a very important factor that often gets overlooked by many

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Staying Cool When Exercising Outside

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Written by: Ericca Whitley, Marketing Manager With temperatures rising, staying cool while you exercise outdoors can be a challenge. Your body has to work extra hard to keep itself cool and avoid heat related health conditions. Your body has its own air-conditioning technique. It’s called sweating. When you exercise in hot or high humidity, your body’s AC unit is unable to rid itself of excess heat. If you chose to continue your fitness routine outside, here are some tips to help your body stay cool. Talk to your doctor – If you have a pre-existing medical condition, it is important

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