Similarities and Differences Among Cedar Fever, Flu, and the Common Cold

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This time of year in Central Texas, countless people suffer from the symptoms of cedar fever, brought on by an allergic reaction to the pollen of cedar trees. Symptoms of cedar fever can range from minimal nose sniffling, to whole body fatigue. While many are battling an allergy attack this year, many people across the country have come down with the flu. So, how do you know the best way to treat your symptoms? Let’s look at some common differences between cedar fever, the flu, and a common cold. Many of the symptoms overlap between two or more of these

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Thanksgiving Safety Tips

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You can smell the turkey in the oven already. You have your favorite turkey dinner pants all ready to go. Bring on the annual feast of the year! As the holiday brings family and friends together, it also brings potential health hazards. Thanksgiving is the busiest holiday of the year, more so than Christmas. It is also the busiest day for firefighters, first responders and emergency rooms. Family Emergency Room wants you to have a wonderful holiday meal, safe from any trips to the ER. The turkey & the fixings –Firefighters say that the majority of cooking related fires happens

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Flu Shot Myths – Busted!

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Let’s play another game of Myth Busters! Flu season is fast approaching. We have already seen a few patients showing flu like symptoms. It is important to be proactive before the season really kicks into full force. It’s not too late to get your flu shot. But for those of you who question the reliability of the flu vaccine, here are a few of those pesky myths that people warn you about. Myth # 1 – The flu shot can give you the flu. This is the number one misconception that gives the flu vaccine a bad reputation. No matter

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How to Survive Fall Allergies

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Ah-choo! If you’re like me, you’re sneezing, wheezing and feel like a waterspout with a continuous runny nose. Your eyes are watery, yet dry and itchy. You feel like the coughing will never end. You’re one of the thousands of people suffering from fall allergies. They come at you like a bus. With our dramatic weather, you never know when the season will officially begin. As the nights become cooler and the days stay warm, many of us suffer. Ragweed, mold, elm and dust mites are running rapid, ragweed being the leader. Here are some ways to survive fall allergies.

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