How to Spot and Handle a Heat Stroke

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  Now that it’s August, you might be thinking that summer is over with all of the back-to-school activities that are taking place. However, here in central Texas, we’re right in the dog days of summer.  Like most busy families and young Austinites, you’re probably always on the go. With so many activities to attend and so many outdoor adventures to go on, it’s important to know the signs of a heat stroke, and how to handle one.  First, what exactly is a heat stroke? According to Merriam-Webster:  Heatstroke: a life-threatening condition marked especially by cessation of sweating, extremely high body temperature, and collapse

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Family First Aid: Heat Exhaustion

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Central Texas is known for its gorgeous weather and the humidity that comes with it. With high humidity, spending the day outside can take a toll on your body. Heat Exhaustion, often accompanied by dehydration, is one of the leading heat illnesses caused by over-exposure. The body’s natural cooling system is through sweating. When the body cannot cool itself quickly enough or doesn’t have enough fluids to do so, symptoms of Heat Exhaustion can occur. Symptoms Here is what to look for if you think you’re experiencing Heat Exhaustion: Fatigue Nausea Headache Excessive thirst Drenching sweat Pale, cold, clammy skin

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Staying Cool When Exercising Outside

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Written by: Ericca Whitley, Marketing Manager With temperatures rising, staying cool while you exercise outdoors can be a challenge. Your body has to work extra hard to keep itself cool and avoid heat related health conditions. Your body has its own air-conditioning technique. It’s called sweating. When you exercise in hot or high humidity, your body’s AC unit is unable to rid itself of excess heat. If you chose to continue your fitness routine outside, here are some tips to help your body stay cool. Talk to your doctor – If you have a pre-existing medical condition, it is important

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How to Avoid Heatstroke

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Written by: Dr. Nathaniel Greenwood, DO, FACEP – CPEC Medical Director Summer is almost here. The kids will be out of school. Vacations will begin. Most people will spend a lot of time outdoors. However, with summer comes the heat. If proper steps aren’t taken, one can easily develop heatstroke with its devastating injury to the body. Heatstroke is the most serious form of heat injury. It occurs when the bodies temperature is greater than 104° F. Heatstroke requires emergent treatment. Otherwise, it will cause significant damage to the kidneys, heart, muscles and brain. Concerning signs that someone is developing

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